A slice of history behind a pound of cake

If you’ve enjoyed a slice of pound cake, then you know that it often has simple flavors that combine to deliver a delicious sweet treat. However, a pound cake usually doesn’t have an entire pound of ingredients. The cake received its name in a carefully thought out manner that might be intriguing to learn about.

When you want to make a cake that doesn’t require a lot of ingredients or even a clear recipe to follow, then consider making a pound cake. The measurements that you need to make the cake are in the name of the dessert so that it’s easy to remember how it’s made. If you make your cake based on the literal meaning, then you would add a pound of flour, butter, eggs, and sugar. Although this would result in a large cake and one that is rather dense compared to other cakes that you might make, it’s an easy recipe to use.

When you make a pound cake now, you can cut the amount of each ingredient down so that the batter fits into the pans that you use. A bundt pan or a loaf pan is usually used when making a pound cake. After the cake is removed from the oven and has had time to cool, you usually don’t need to add any icing as the basic ingredients deliver enough flavor. If you want to add a topping or two, consider a light glaze, whipped cream, or fresh fruit.

During the 18th century in Britain, reading wasn’t a skill that many people possessed. This meant that recipes needed to be easy to follow instead of featuring a lot of details that weren’t understood. There were two recipes for the first pound cakes written in a 1796 cookbook designed by Amelia Simmons. One of the recipes featured a pound of each ingredient used so that those who were unable to read could make a cake as easily as possible. Another recipe featured precise amounts for those who wanted to make a smaller cake or who wanted to make their own changes to alter the flavor. Over time, ingredients like baking soda, vanilla extract, and lemon juice have been added to the recipe to give pound cake a bit more flavor than it originally had. These ingredients have also been added to lighten the cake so that it’s not a dense dessert. Those who live in southern areas of the United States often use the original recipe that features a pound of each ingredient when making a pound cake.