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Can stress be good for you?

You must be thinking, how is that even possible? How can stress be good for you or anyone in this world? But to your surprise, there is actually something known as good stress which is vital for a healthy life. Learn what is good stress and how it helps you in your life in the following article. 

Also, do you know you can actually turn your bad stress into good stress or vice versa to alter your lifestyle? Yes, it is possible, but to understand how it is possible, you must dig-into the article down below!

Difference between good stress and bad stress

Good stress

  • According to psychologists, “eustress” or good stress is a stress that we feel when we are excited about something. It makes our pulse rate to increase and our hormones to develop, which is something you might not worry about. However, these feelings make us feel alive and always excited in life.
  • There are many triggers for the development of the feeling of good stress, like riding a roller coaster, first date, job promotion, and many more.

Bad stress

Bad stress is mostly divided into two categories: acute stress and chronic stress.

  • Acute Stress
    • It is a stress that comes from quick responses that need an immediate further response, and it is not always triggered by a piece of happy or exciting news.
    • It is considered as bad stress because we need to quickly relax from it get back to the normal state of being happy and healthy.
  • Chronic Stress
    • It occurs when we repeatedly face stressors that take a heavy toll and inescapable feel over your body.
    • It can happen mostly because of an unhappy life or an unhealthy work environment.
    • It can lead to many bad effects on both your physical and emotional health.

What are the sources of good stress?

You can easily add good stress in your life by choosing activities or set goals that make you feel happy, excited, and good. You must know whether the activity is worth your time or not so that it won’t end up making you feel sad or disheartened. You must ensure to understand your need about “want to” and “have to” activities to prioritize them accordingly.

How to convert your bad stress into good stress?

It is not possible to convert all your bad stress into good stress, but if you change your perception about some of the stressors in your life, then you might change it. The body mostly responses to the perceived threats, and if you don’t perceive anything as a threat, then you might not have to face the threat-based stress.

If you perceive something as a challenge instead of fear, you can turn your horrifying experience into an exciting trip.

Thus, changing the perception is the key to change your bad stress into good stress. Other key factors are:

  1. Reminding yourself about your strengths
  2. Making a positive mindset
  3. Focusing on what resources you have available to meet your challenges

Winding up

It is quite important to have some good stress in your life. And you must start making efforts to deal with all the chronic stress in your mind to have a positive and healthy life.