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How to make a healthy cheesecake

I am always trying to eat healthier. On paper, it sounds easy. Eat less sugar, eat more greens, look better, feel better, live better. However, I didn’t realize just how many delicious foods I would have to miss out on by cutting back on sugar. Chocolate, cakes, cookies, are all so delicious and so high in sugar content. I decided something must be done. That is why I created this easy to follow recipe for cheesecake that has no sugar and is, if I do say so myself, incredibly delicious.

The recipe is really simply only requiring a total of five ingredients and can be mixed in one bowl and made in one tin. All it needs is a working oven, something to mix with, and an excited attitude for a delicious yet healthy treat. I have made this cake a number of times now and it continues to impress. 

For this recipe, you will need sugar free gram crackers, an artificial sweetener (I use xylitol but use whatever is in your kitchen), 6 tbsp of butter, cream cheese, and one egg. Start by crushing 12 of the sugar-free gram crackers or as many as required until you have 1 and a half cups of the crumbled ingredient. Pour the crumbs into a mixing bowl with the butter and 2 tbsp of xylitol. Mix gently but thoroughly. 

Pour the mixture into a 9-inch pan, spreading it evenly across the bottom and pressing the mixture firmly. Bake the mixture at 175 degrees celsius until it is golden brown, that should take just under 10 minutes to achieve. Set the mixture to one side and allow it to cool. At this stage why not pour yourself a glass of wine, watch a funny YouTube video, whatever you need to pass the time without rushing back to a warm mixture.

In a separate mixing bowl add cream cheese (two 225 gram packs), one egg, and artificial sweetener (the quantity should be equal to about 1 cup of sugar). Mix these ingredients until they are smooth and fluffy. If the graham cracker crust is now cool you can pour this mixture on top and bake at 175 degrees celsius for about thirty minutes or until the top is lightly browned. You will know the cake is ready when you can pierce it with a toothpick and it comes out clean. Serve the cake chilled and enjoy. 

Be careful with this cake because when you tell friends and family that it has no sugar they will call you a liar and never believe a word you say again. This cake has the power to break up loving relationships and entire extended families. Proceed with caution. Joking aside though, I hope you enjoy this recipe as is it something that I created myself to put an end to those nagging feelings for something sweet at the end of the week (or sometimes day). The trick to eating healthier is not to deny yourself the food you want but to find healthy ways of making that food. 

The more I learn about cooking and baking, the more I realize that it is possible to not only eat healthily but to eat delicious food as well. While we still occasionally crave some greasy or sugary foods I find that those cravings are now less and less. While it is fantastic for my health and my body, I have found that the greatest benefit has been for my mental health. Eating unhealthy food is terrible for your moods and can leave you really unhappy. While we often eat terrible food for a quick burst of joy, it can leave us depressed. Healthy food makes you happier for longer.