Zivica Kerkez

Thankfully you can’t get the flu from the flu shot

The flu is a dangerous disease. Every single year, flu season sweeps the nation and the world. In the process, cases of the flu causes all kinds of problems for humans. Some people only suffer for a few days. Others may have serious, lasting side effects after a bout of the flu. Unfortunately, thousands of people will die each year from the illness directly or as a result of complications that can include a heart attack or stroke. Given these circumstances, it is no wonder that work is done each year to engage in preventative methods. There are many ways to protect yourself against the flu. Experts recommend people wash their hands as often as possible. They also recommend another method: getting an annual flu shot.

The Flu Shot

Every single year, experts prepare for the upcoming flu season by creating a flu shot for the general public. Preparation begins months before the expected fall flu season. The process includes close consultation between varied health organizations. Experts are trying to find predict which strain is most likely is going to be dangerous. Once this determination is made, the goal is to formulate the shot, grow it and get it distributed to the general public. At that point, it is send to doctor’s offices all over the United States for distribution. A significant percentage of the population will get the flu shot. Many people wonder if the flu shot itself is dangerous. The answer is that it may seem that way but it is not.

A Reaction to the Flu

The flu shot is contains dead material. As such, it cannot transmit the flu to the recipient. However, some people may have minor side effects after the shot is administered. People may feel a bit feverish for a few days after the shot. They may have other kinds of symptoms such as soreness at the injection site. These symptoms do not indicate the person has the flu. In certain instances people can be sick before they get the flu shot. If you feel a bit under the weather, it is best to delay the flu shot. This is because if your immune system isn’t working well at the time of administration, you may not get full immunity against the flu from the shot.

The Shot Works

Above all, keep in mind the flu shot works. The shot may not entirely prevent you from getting the illness. In any given year, the flu shot tends to be about fifty percent or so protective against the disease. However, the flu shot has a benefit for everyone who gets one. It will protect everyone from the worst side effects of the disease. It also prevents people from dying of the flu. Those who get the shot are far less likely to have complications of any kind. They are also far less likely to die as a result of a case of the flu. For these reasons, all health experts recommend people get the vaccine.