The best way to find small items in your home

How many times have you clogged your vacuum only to discover that the item that clogged it was something you had been looking for but never found? It turns out the vacuum cleaner is incredibly good at finding those small items that we often miss. Whether it is the back of an earring, a wedding ring, a button, a key, or something else entirely, your vacuum is the key to finding it. However, the last thing you want is for your vacuum to either break while sucking up your priceless jewel or for your wonderful gem to be forever ruined thanks to laying with whatever else was inside your vacuum. Luckily we have the perfect solution, read on to find out.

If you have ever lost the back of an earring or something of a similar size then you know the feeling of jumping to the floor and scanning the entire area only to become puzzled and frustrated with being unable to find it. You know where it fell, you know it doesn’t have legs, yet when you are on the floor it is impossible to find. Obviously, there is some strange form of wizardry at work here that is allowing the priceless gem to hide in plain sight. In the past, you have given up on that piece of jewelry and moved on with your life. Not any more.

We have found a solution that appears to solve this problem and may just change your life forever. If you ever lose something small that you are desperate to find, instead of going on all-fours, get your vacuum out instead. Take a stocking and put it over the nozzle of the vacuum and secure it with an elastic band. Now take your vacuum and hoover the entire area in question. It is likely that the earring you are missing has hidden from your view but can’t hide from the power of the vacuum. The stocking will allow the earring to be found but not swallowed by the vacuum. Instead, it will simply stick to the front of the nozzle and wait for you to grab it.

You must be careful to only do this with the basic vacuum nozzle – the round hole. If you try this with the brush setting or any of the additions that rotate you will probably end up with some torn tights and a bit of a mess at the end of your vacuum. Keep it simple and you will have success.

This solution was recently shared on the internet and it quickly went viral. Many people were shocked at how they had never thought of such a simple solution to their problems while others said they had been using it for years. One internet comment suggested that the same approach is a fantastic tactic to clean your computer keyboard. I am not sure why you need the stocking for that but the vacuum makes sense.

We have seen too many TV shows where a loose nail, a fallen earring, or something else that was not found has resulted in the failure of a marriage (I am looking at you The Sopranos). If Tony had only used this technique he may never have had the need to separate from Carmela in the first place.

Have you ever heard of this solution before? If so, what is the best thing you have recovered using this technique. If not, let us know if it works for you in the future or if there are any issues with the technique. We love the simplicity of this solution but how effective it is too.