What exercise-buddies make a difference in the life of older women?

Mostly the older women who are into maintaining their body make a routine to exercise daily. And these women stick to this plan only if they get a proper group and a trainer to follow the routine. However, it is quite a rare visual to watch older women exercising.

It is the task of the trainers to make the women understand that it is important for them to exercise so that they are no more susceptible to catch any virus or get infected with any severe disease. We all know that medications are available to treat all the medical problems, but we must also remember that nothing would work if you won’t do any physical activity.

It is most likely noticed in the older women, that they make excuses to avoid exercise. They mostly make excuses like they are embarrassed to do, or do not have time, and sometimes they even make the excuse of money. But it is seen that these older women tend to join programs where they are motivated to exercise and change their routine by helping them to build relations with the other women and trainers in the program.

A study

According to a study, it is noticed that women are less likely to stick on their exercise routine as compared to men. Also, despite loads of health benefits, older people tend to leave their training programs more than younger people. It is mostly in the case of the women who have stepped in the phase of menopause. 

The factors influencing women to exercise

The attitudes of the women of over 5o, require around 45minutes of moderate strength training. They should attempt these sessions at least thrice a week, to maintain the strength of their joints and their muscles. What are the reasons that women might like to participate in this training program?

  • According to the study, more than 50% of women are driven to participate in the strength training program is to have a routine-driven appointment for exercise sessions. These sessions are scheduled according to your availability; however, these are preplanned.
  • Then another reason to continue these sessions is the healthy environment and bonding of yours with your co-partners and trainers of the training program.
  • Another reason is that they are motivated to live a better and healthy lifestyle in the coming years. It helps them to stay in the program for a long time.

The task of health professionals:

  • Older women are less likely to be active; thus, the duty remains in the hands of the health professionals that how must tackle the queries of the women and solving them so that they don’t step back from the training.
  • It is the task of the trainer to motivate the women to achieve their health targets in the given slot of time.

The important task of the health professionals is to understand the needs of the women and provide them with the training plan that suits their requirements.